Since its creation in 1991 by Jeanne-Marie Lefauconnier and François Lasbennes, the blood-brain barrier club (BBB club) promoted a strong network between research groups working in the BBB field. Members of the club met every year to present and share their works. The club was then headed by Pr. Lasbennes with the help of Pr. Françoise Roux as a secretary. In 2008, the BBB club became the Society for the Study of Blood-Brain Interfaces (SEISC in french) which was headed by Pr. Lasbennes until 2011. Jean-Claude Thierry was the first treasurer of the association until 2011.

Past-President: François Lasbennes

Past-Secretary: Françoise Roux


Board 2017-2018

President : Jean-François Ghersi-Egea

    Pierre-Olivier Couraud

Secretary: Pierre-Emmanuel Ceccaldi

    Florence Miller   

    Julien Saint Pol

    Philippe Afonso

Treasurer: Milena Salerno

     Nathalie Strazielle

Webmaster: Fabienne Glacial


Steering commitee 2017-2018

Karine Andrieux

Jérôme Badaut

Fanchon Bourrasset

Pierre-Emmanuel Ceccaldi

Martine Cohen-Salmon

Pierre-Olivier Couraud

Frederic De-Bock

Xavier Declèves

Jean-François Ghersi Egea

Fabienne Glacial

Christel Marquette

Florence Miller

Amélie Moreau

Caroline Mysiorek

Nicolas Perrière

Milena Salerno

Nathalie Strazielle

Julien Saint Pol

Philippe Afonso

Société d'étude des interfaces Sang Cerveau - Society for the study of Blood-Brain interfaces

Contact: seisc.asso@gmail.com